At just two days shy of 30 years old, this article truly resonates with me in an incredible way. I’ve said for years that I don’t want to have kids and, predictably, the general public disagrees with me. Ranging from defensive to confused, from certain beyond a doubt to totally unsure, I continue to wonder if I’ll change my mind about this.

Of course, I can’t know what the future holds and I remain open to whatever may come. In this moment, though, I can’t fathom a future with kids. 

That may very well change, but it may very well remain constant, so it’s refreshing to hear from these wholly inspiring, fulfilled, successful, and happy women who never had kids.




How Long Does It Take to Read Popular Books?

Going by the average reading rate of most adults (300 words per minute), Personal Creations mocked up this infographic to put some of literature’s most popular works into perspective.

Via Electric Lit.

Not sure if this is more encouraging or daunting, but it’s definitely interesting!

Pretty sure I could read Harry Potter way faster than the Bible.